Royal Restrooms COVID-19 Programs

Royal Restrooms has been preparing for COVID-19 since early March 2020 and has been on the forefront of developing new sanitation standards since, allowing for our customers to be prepared and equipped as well.  Because the core principle of Royal Restrooms is serving people, the company wants to make sure our customers are able to continue to operate as usual in the midst of this virus outbreak, no matter what that means, with continued flexibility and peace of mind for guests, clients, and employees.

Since the pandemic first began, Royal Restrooms has worked with health care officials to create and manage a system of containment, offering locations with high risk individuals the opportunity to set up sanitation zones.  These sanitation zones have been mobilized outside sensitive areas where individuals with compromised immune systems may be located such as nursing homes, urgent care centers, and hospitals.  By offering staff, visitors, vendors, and delivery personnel a “triage” location to wash hands and sanitize themselves before entering the sanitized zone, the hope is to create a safe buffer layer.  In keeping with the CDC’s recommendation of handwashing with soap and running water for 20 seconds to combat the Coronavirus, this buffer layer is essential but obtainable.

Royal Restrooms also provides restrooms, showers, and sink trailers for COVID-19 testing locations as well as sites where PPE units are sanitized for reuse.  These locations are high risk clusters where staff is highly vigilant about hand washing, sanitation, and the risk of COVID spread.  Royal Restrooms is proud of the contribution we are making to keep the front-line workers safe as well as those who may be questioning their health.

At Royal Restrooms we have the end user in mind.  We don’t simply just have restrooms or shower trailers, we have shower trailer solutions.  Now, in the mist of the Covid-19 crisis, we are remodeling, building and restructuring our shower trailers planning for social distancing.  Our new designed trailers will have more elbow room so that social distancing is not a concern.  We are also constructing new, smaller trailers so that those who wish to employ a less is more approach.  With fewer stalls, there is less chance for COVID spread between people.  We are proud of our two-pronged approach to design and the pivot our company has done to protect our customers.

Beyond our specialty trailers, especially during this pandemic, if a business or organization currently has an event or remodel scheduled, Royal Restrooms is able to outfit it with restrooms, hand washing stations, or “sanitation stations” (mobile hand sanitizing stations) that may ensure that guests or clients will feel secure as well as be safe.

For more information on all of our COVID-19 programs, call 1800-969-7434 or contact your local Royal Restrooms office.

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